Not One Heart But Two

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A mother with bursting emotion waits

to see her unborn child.

On the screen there appears

a black blob, her precious baby.

The doctor listens for hearbeat

and stops in surprise.

It is not one, but two heartbeats inside.


With gleeful cheer and tears of joy,

she rushes to share her excitement.

On rolling green fields of fairways and sand,

the grandfather becomes the first person to hear.

He ends his game early, and rushes them both

to celebrate with two shots and beers

and milk for the mother to be.


To the rest of their family

the news quickly spreads.

Soon two new children will enter the world.

From mothers and fathers

to strangers and friends.

Joy spreads like a cloak

and only grows as they near.


On the first day of April, over one month too soon,

two beautiful daughters are brought into their lives.

In the following years of happiness,

the mother will never forget

the day she learned she would have

not one heart, but two.

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